Gastonia Traffic Attorney

Many people who get traffic tickets in North Carolina make the mistake of thinking they should simply pay a fine and move on, only to suffer costs and other consequences they did not anticipate — and could have avoided – such as an unexpected suspension or revocation of their drivers license. Contact our Gastonia traffic attorney today.

DO NOT ASSUME THAT ANY DEAL YOU ARE ABLE TO GET ON YOUR OWN IS THE BEST, OR EVEN A GOOD OPTION FOR YOU. Many people nowadays believe that they can go to Court on their own and work a deal with the Prosecutor to get the charges reduced. However, what they fail to understand is that neither the Prosecutor, nor the officer, nor the Clerk, nor the Judge is looking at your or your family’s driving record to make sure that “the deal” is in the your best interest.

Officers and Court Personnel merely want to get a conviction and get your case over with. What they fail to say is that “the deal” can often result in really steep insurance increases, driver’s license points or revocations, or other unspoken consequences based upon your or your family’s prior tickets, accidents, points or driving records.

Pleading guilty to traffic tickets or being found guilty of any traffic law violation in North Carolina may subject you to a fine and court costs, driver’s license points, increased auto insurance rates, and, in some cases, loss of driving privileges and/or jail time. If you drive as part of your job duties, your ability to earn a living could be threatened as well.

Mr. McSpadden will argue your side of the traffic tickets story with the District Attorney or before the Judge in court with the goal of getting the charges reduced or dismissed. We have the knowledge and experience needed to spot strengths and weaknesses in the case against you. We also have the relationships with local prosecutors necessary for knowing how and who to reach out to in order to discuss your case.

Mr. McSpadden will investigate the circumstances of the traffic charges you face, challenge your arrest and/or the evidence against you , if appropriate, and argue to have traffic offense charges reduced or dismissed.

For less serious charges such as minor traffic infractions like speeding and stop sign/light violations Mr. McSpadden will deal with the court system for you and attempt to minimize the impact on you driving record or on you future insurance costs.

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