general civil practice


If you won at the trial court level, then you need competent appellate counsel to preserve your victory. If you lost at the trial court level, then you may need an attorney capable of convincing the appellate court to correct any legal errors made by the trial court.  Either way, you need an attorney with the experience and ability to critically analyze your case, comply with the Appellate Rules of Procedure, draft persuasive briefs and craft compelling arguments.


Lawsuits can arise from a wide variety of issues and circumstances. Some lawsuits settle shortly after a complaint is filed, while others proceed through various stages of litigation, including discovery, alternative dispute resolution, dispositive motions, and complicated trials in front of a judge or jury. A case may revolve around a single, relatively simple and clear cut legal issue, or it may involve several complex questions of law. Our firm will work to minimize the time, energy, and money you may have to spend by resolving your case as efficiently as possible.

Civil Litigation
The term civil litigation refers to a dispute over a legal issue between two or more parties. A civil litigation dispute may involve one or more of a wide range of legal issues and may be in front of a judge or an administrative agency. Some common issues that may result in civil litigation include:

  • Personal injury;
  • Landlord/tenant disputes;
  • Employment and labor law;
  • Wrongful death;
  • Medical malpractice;
  • Worker’s compensation issues;
  • Real estate disputes;
  • Products liability claims; and
  • Premises liability claims.

I help individuals and businesses with such cases as general civil litigation, contracts, tort claims, business litigation, and landlord/tenant issues. While I’m not afraid to take your matter to court, we will always keep a mindful eye on a cost benefit analysis and fully understand the value of your case.

Litigation can be broken down into several stages with discovery, pre trail proceedings, mediation/arbitrations, trials, and/or appeals. Discovery is by far the most extensive path you can take because of the research and time devoted to gathering information. Getting the right people and asking the right questions with accurate facts is a long process that few are good at. I know how to gather the facts and represent good arguments to come to an agreement or fair settlement.

There is typically a general course litigation takes but each case presents a different set of facts and elements to it that have a completely different story. This causes complex issues attorneys have to sort through. The work is fast paced and adheres to many deadlines. Getting a professional advocate that knows how to handle your circumstance better than you could is essential in order to get a favorable or fair outcome.

Civil Litigation Attorney in Gastonia, North Carolina
I help individuals and businesses with such civil litigation cases as breaches of contract, fraud, personal injury, and landlord/tenant issues. To make it in today’s business world, you need a qualified and experienced legal expert in your corner that understands the complexities of civil litigation and can ensure that your rights are protected. So whether you need in house or outside counsel and representation, count on me to provide best in class legal services.