child support ATTORNEY

Although some people may agree on a set amount, in North Carolina, child support is calculated based on a formula set forth in the North Carolina Child Support Guidelines. It takes into account each parent’s income, which parent pays for the insurance coverage for the child or children, daycare costs, and other factors. If a parent is voluntarily unemployed or underemployed as a result of a bad faith or deliberate suppression of income to avoid or minimize his or her child support obligation, the courts may consider how much the earning capacity of that parent is, i.e., his or her potential income, and use that amount instead of the actual income. Other factors include the number of nights that the child or children stay with each parent, a parent’s obligation for support of other children, and whether there are extraordinary costs involved.

There are 3 different worksheets that may be used, depending upon the custodial relationship of the parents. For example, if the child stays with each parent an equal amount of nights, then worksheet B for joint custody should be used. Each worksheet carries different criteria for use.

It is important that you know your rights before you agree to pay or accept a certain amount of child support. If child support is incorrectly set, then the long term effects of an incorrectly set amount can be devastating.

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